Looking after the wellbeing of Claygate since 1997
5-6 Sydney Terrace, The Green, Claygate, KT10 0JJ
Looking after the wellbeing of Claygate since 1997
5-6 Sydney Terrace, The Green, Claygate, KT10 0JJ

Jenhams Travel Clinic


For information and appointments call 01372 282044

We are a nurse run clinic specialising in travel health advice and vaccinations  - at the Complementary Health Partnership in Claygate and Dorking. 

We offer our clients first class healthcare and service at convenient times, including last minute appointments if required - all provided by qualified health professionals who have undergone advanced training in travel medicine.

At Jenhams, we take the time to ensure each client benefits from a comprehensive consultation, clearly explained up to date advice, best in class treatment and a welcoming, professional environment.

We are approved and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, a member of The British Global Travel Health Association and a Registered Yellow Fever Centre.

We also provide non travel vaccinations to help protect you and your family from disease and infection here in the UK .

Why ear checks too? From many years of primary health care experience we know the importance of removing blocked wax before a flight or dive trip - but of course, we can always help with this if you are not travelling as well.

Skin Tag removal is another service we offer. These monthly clinics, run by an experienced practitioner have proved very popular.

Jenhams Clinic is run by two Registered Nurses who have undertaken advanced training in Travel Medicine. We are supported by a Doctor who is highly qualified and experienced in specialist areas of Travel Medicine including group expeditions. We look forward to helping you prepare for a healthy trip

Julie Hampshire

RGN BScHons Independent Prescriber

Registered Manager. Travel Health Nurse

Julie developed a special interest in travel health and health promotion from working in Primary Care for 24 years. She is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Non-medical Prescriber and has extensive experience in all areas of Practice Nursing. Julie holds The Diploma of Travel Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons enabling her to advise on all aspects of travel health over and above vaccination requirements. Julie is passionate about good service and providing excellent health care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Julie loves to travel with her family and has explored many parts of the world including Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia and more recently India.

Sheena Jenkins RGN

Travel Health Nurse

Sheena has over 25 years of RGN experience in hospital and practice environments and has developed specialisations in both Diabetic Care and Travel Health. She holds the Warwick Certificate in Diabetes Care and the globally recognised Diploma in Travel Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. As a passionate traveller and previous ex pat, Sheena is dedicated to providing comprehensive world class advice, treatment and service. Favourite place: Hong Kong.

Vaccines Available

Print Prices


VaccinationCourse / DosagePer Dose
Cholera (oral )2 doses£45
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (Whooping Cough )1 dose ( For those requiring Whooping Cough Booster)£68
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio1 dose£35
Hepatitis Adose£60
Hepatitis A & B Adult3 doses£75
Hepatitis A & B Junior3 doses£55
Hepatitis A & Typhoid1 dose£95
Hepatitis B3 doses£60
HPV ( Gardasil ) Females 9-45 years. Males 9-26 years2-3 doses£160
Influenza1 dose£12
Japanese Encephalitis2 doses£95
Measles/Mumps/Rubella ( MMR) From 13 months2 doses£50
Meningitis ACWY1 dose£70
Meningitis ACWY1 dose£70
Meningitis B ( Bexsero)2-3 doses£145
Pneumococcal1 dose£36
Rabies3 doses£60
Shingles ( Zostavax) From 50 years1 dose£165
Tick Encephalitis Adult2 doses£70
Tick Encephalitis Junior2 doses£65
Typhoid1 dose£42
Typhoid (oral)3 oral capsules£45 per course
Varicella (Chicken Pox)2 doses£80
Yellow Fever & Certificate1 dose£68
Yellow Fever Certificate ( Re-issue)£20
Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate£20

Travel Kits & Accessories

Lifesystems Expedition Sensitive Spray 100ml£7.99
Lifesystems Deet Repellent Expedition 50+ 100ml£7.99
Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief£4.99
Lifesystems Portable Killer Unit£10.49
Lifesystems Tick Remover Card£4.49
Lifesystems Tick Tweezers£3.49
Lifesystems BoxNet Single£24.99
Lifesystems BoxNet Double£29.99
Lifesystems MicroNet Single£24.99
Lifesystems MicroNet Double£29.99
Lifesystems Net Hanging Kit£5.49
Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit£12.99
Travel Door Lock£5.99
Lifesystems Active Formula SPF25 200ml£13.50
Lifesystems Active Formula SPF40 200ml£13.50
Clothes Line£5.99
Ear Plugs£3.75
Water 2 Go Bottle£24.99
Lifesystems Mini Sterile First Aid Kit£14.99
Pre-Ear Syringing Ear Drops£2.75
Travellers Upset Tummy Kit£8.50
Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit Refills£10.49
Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito Fabric Spray£9.99